Puerto Princesa, Palawan is surrounded by a great number of enthralling islands. The ones around Honda Bay, in particular, offer a feature of diverse natural resources, clear waters and white sand beaches that are truly fascinating. What more wonderful thing to do than to include the Honda Bay Island Hopping in your list of journeys!

Each Island around Honda Bay has its own unique beauty, and many marine activities like Snorkeling and Banana Boat riding are available to choose from.

But before hopping on to each Island, a registration process needs to be done. Necessary payments are also collected, e.g. rental fee for the marine gears, entrance fees, boat fee, terminal fee, etc.

Honda Bay, is from the Spanish word: Bahia Honda, meaning “deep bay”

Renting Snorkeling Mask and Marine Shoes

Registration, Paying of Island Entrance Fees, Boat Fee and Terminal Fee

After all the processes and payments, you are now set to go and get yourself involved in the Honda Bay Island Hopping experience. (Just don’t forget to wear your life jacket in the boat for your safety!)


Cowrie Island

The Island’s name came from a shell called Cowrie Shell, which closely resembles the Island’s shape.

It takes 15 minutes by boat to get to the Island. According to the locals, the most recommended time to go to the Island is between 7:00 am and 10:00 am, where you can enjoy the Island with only a few people.

The foods being served in Cowrie Island are very delicious. You can indulge in a variety of sumptuous foods from the menu of differing types of cuisines presented each day. 

Different marine sports can also be done here. Banana boat, Snorkeling and Parasailing are some activities you can enjoy. You can also find relaxation at a Massage Area by the bay, and avail on the other services they offer.

(This is an aerial drone shot of the whole Cowrie Island.)

(The Massage Area by the bay where you could relax in the Island.)
(The Massage Area by the bay where you can relax in the Island.)
(Delicious Foods in the Island to eat.)

(Delicious foods in the Island to eat.)

Luli Island

The Island’s name came from the Filipino words “Lulubog-Lilitaw” which literally means “disappear and appear”. It is also famous because of its long sand bar and snake-like shape.

It takes 15 minutes by boat to get to the Island.

You can do marine activities such as snorkeling and banana boat here.

There is also a cliff jumping site, if you want to experience some adventures around the area.

(A signage with the Island’s Name for welcoming guests.)

(An aerial drone shot of Luli Island.)

(The Cliff Jumping Area in the Island.)

Starfish Island

Want some star gazing? Why not star gaze by the bay? From the name itself, this Island is full of stars of the sea — Starfish!

(A sample picture of starfishes that you could see in the Island.)

After 45 minutes travel time from the port. You can now enjoy snorkeling in the Starfish Island.

There are also spots in the Island where you can take beautiful photos.

(An aerial drone shot of Starfish Island)

(An aerial drone shot of Starfish Island.)

(A picture of Starfishes forming a heart shape.)

Please don’t bring home the starfish! They will die if there is no salt water.

Pambato Reef 

Pambato Reef is a man-made reef built for you to experience snorkeling, feeding and swimming with colorful sea creatures of the reef.

 It takes 15 minutes travel time going to the Pambato Reef from the port.

The reef also preserves corals and different kinds of fishes.

(An aerial drone shot of the Pambato Reef)

(An aerial drone shot of the Pambato Reef.)

(A picture of Pambato Reef.)


When having a Honda Bay Island-Hopping adventure, it is also a must to bring some essentials while experiencing the tour. The following are recommended:

  • Sunblock, Sunglasses, Hats, Sarong and the likes – these necessary things will protect you from the rays and too much heat from the sun. These can also prevent you from catching the different summer diseases such as sunburn, heat stroke, and summer flu.
  • Swimming/Marine Gears (Snorkel, Mask and Marine Shoes) – when having an island hopping adventure, it is essential to bring these things to save money and enjoy more the beauty of the white sand beaches that the islands have to offer.
  • Medical Kit – in an unexpected moment, it’s always necessary to be ready all the time. Bringing some medical kit with your prescribed medicines, alcohol, Betadine and adhesive bandages inside will be of big help.  
  • Itinerary of the Tour – before heading to the Honda Bay Island Hopping destinations, it is also important to plan ahead your itinerary. The islands mentioned above are only some of the islands that you can choose to hop on. Questions such as: What are the necessary things to pay in the area? Which islands do you want to go to?, and What are the activities that you want to do in each destination? should be taken into consideration. For more convenience you can also visit, and find a certified DOT accredited Travel and Tours Agency, that can (1) provide your masks and fins for snorkeling free of charge, (2) lend a latest Go Pro (Hero 8) to capture each memory you make during your tour, and (3) arrange a chartered vehicle, exclusive guide, and a hotel round trip at a very reasonable price.
  • Foods and Extra Budget – though the islands offer many delicious foods to choose from, they are a bit pricey. Foods can be brought without corkage for those who are traveling on a tight budget and just wanted to spend their extra money for souvenirs, marine activities, or other services offered in the islands.


COWRIE ISLANDEntrance Fee: Php 100/pax
Buffet Lunch: Php 300/pax
Cottage /Shed: Php 250
LULI ISLANDEntrance Fee: Php 70/pax
Buffet Lunch: Php 300/pax
STARFISH ISLANDEntrance Fee: Php 50/pax
Cottage/Shed: Php 50 (good for 10 Pax)
PAMBATO REEFEntrance Fee: Php 50/pax

Honda Bay Island Hopping is just one of the highlights of the many activities that you can experience in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Other tourist spots like the Underground River, Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour, Sabang Zipline, and Crocodile Farm are some of my favorites and are highly recommended.