Glass-enclosed and covered in white curtains with a high ceiling, Merci Dessert Café/ Café Merci is one of the sophisticated patisseries in Cebu Island. Their desserts are so ‘instagramable’ that you could say that it’s a waste to eat them! But every bite is delectably irresistible.


What is Merci Dessert Café?

The brain behind these pastries and sweets is Minji Kang, a Korean pâtissier who travelled all over France and learned the art of making these awesome sweets.

Awards of Minji Kang- Owner and Head Chef of Merci Dessert Café

Merci Café is a very spacious dessert café where you can enjoy your teatime and pastries with close friends or family.

Merci Dessert Café Details

Merci Dessert Café Location

Brewing Station of Merci Dessert Café
Opening Hours is from 8:00AM to 9:00PM.
Tuesday – Sunday.

Social Media Pages:

You may contact them through their FB Page or IG Page.
Merci Dessert Cafe only has Foodpanda as their third party delivery partner for delivery and pick-up services. They also cater to pickup services like Lalamove.

3 Best Pastries of Merci Dessert Café

1. Fruit Tart

Underneath these fresh and wholesome fruits: strawberry, orange slices, grapes, pomelo and blueberry jam, is a soft and delicious custard that filled the sweet and savory crust. This can be perfectly paired with a hot green tea in a Saturday afternoon. A perfect combo!

2. Strawberry Shortcake

As good as it looks, one must try their strawberry shortcake. The whole cake looks so appetizing underneath the fresh strawberries. Aside from its appearance, it’s very soft and creamy.

3. Macarons

We couldn’t resist their FATCARONS!

Fatcarons- the korean fat-version of macaroons that has a much thicker filling inside. We tried three different flavors: Tiramisu, Strawberry and Hazelnut. It has a soft and chewy cream inside and can be combined with your favorite coffee.

Go early to the Café Merci if you do not want to miss your favorites to be sold out.

Merci Dessert Cafe Reviews

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Visit Merci Dessert Cafe in your afternoon tea time!

Don’t miss out on these macaroons and take your afternoon tea here in Café Merci!

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