All about Ramen Yushoken Cebu

I bet you’re all wondering why the title says a “Champion’s Ramen”? 

Yushoken simply means “House of Champions

The son of the Ramen god, Koji Toshiro, the creator and producer of Ramen Champions trained the shop’s staff and contributed to the authentic Japanese ramen taste of the shop. Having almost the same level as his champion houses in Japan. A champion’s ramen in a champion’s house. Sounds appetizing, isn’t it? There’s more!

See that blue statue over there? That’s the Ramen god, Kazuo Yamagishi, who accepted Toshiro-san as the son of the Ramen god. The history and authentic taste of the Ramen have been shared in this winning bowl!

Blue Statue – Ramen God

Ramen Yushoken is especially known for its trademark, particularly the rich broth. Most of all the ramen bowls have that same 12-hour boiled pork bone (Tonkotsu) broth. In addition, Each bowl certainly gives a mouth-watering aroma that fills the air. In fact, The shop has placed itself as one of the highest ratings of the best ramens in Cebu’s Tripadvisor and Sugbo.ph. Moreover, you know it’s good when the waiting line is long!

A guide to Ramen Yushoken’s Inside:

Inside Ramen Yushoken

Ramen Yushoken’s MENU


Bountiful Meals

We wanted to get a taste of their best-selling ramen, the Shoyu and TanTanMen ramen coupled with the popular side dish, GYOZA. We also added in the Karaage as it was also one of their best-selling side-dish.

***Prices as of November 2021
This Shoyu Ramen (PHP430.00) may look small in the picture but the noodles are actually quite a lot. The broth is mixed with strong flavors like garlic and sesame seeds.
This TanTanMen (PHP490.00) isn’t as spicy as you think! For those who can’t eat spicy meals but still wants to add a bit of spice, well this bowl would be for you!
Gyoza (PHP140.00) will always be a perfect combination with any ramen! It has a lightly chewy, tender, and juicy taste.

Karaage (PHP350.00) – These are boneless chicken meat that’s been fried. This dish is a popular appetizer for the locals here in Cebu.

Affordable Prices with a budget of PHP 1,000.00, good for two! 10% service charge is applicable upon dine-in.

Ramen Yushoken has other ramen bowls that you can try as well such as Tsukemen, Maze Soba, and Hiyashi Ramen (Cold Noodles). See the full menu down below.

This menu site is directly from nipponhasha.com


The taste of Shoyu Ramen was UMAMI indeed. Firstly, The broth was creamy and appetizing. Likewise, it’s less greasy, good garlic taste, and has a flavorful smell. Secondly, the meat and noodles were hot and easy to chew! Let’s not forget the GYOZA! this dish was already delicious with or without the sauce. It’s not lacking in meat fillings too. The texture from the outside is chewy and from the inside is soft and juicy. Lastly, the Karaage was truly a delish! Complemented with a citrus taste of the lemon with a choice of dipping it in mayo or salt was an eye-opener for me. It was boneless and tender. The meals were bountiful and a must-try!


The TanTanMen broth is rich and milky but not too spicy at all. It’s not oily and the nuttiness of the broth is just at its right point.  I think the rich milky broth helped in neutralizing the level of spiciness of the ramen so it’s good on its own. The noodles were thick and chewy, and the chili oil didn’t overpower the taste of the ramen. The karaage was cooked well. It has a clean tender taste and, it didn’t have a funky smell when you bite into it.



Front of Oakridge Business Park
Address: G/F Oakridge Business Park, 880 A. S. Fortuna St, Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu
Phone Number: (032) 367 7017
Opening Hours: 10:00AM – 11:00 P.M.


Long waiting lines are during peak hours (Lunch and Dinner) on the Weekends.


Grab a bowl and visit this website to order: https://www.nipponhasha.com/ (Available to all branches)

This is not available on Grab or FoodPanda apps.

Social Media Pages:


You can book a GrabCar or GrabTaxi on Grab App for about PHP 250.00 plus from the Mactan Airport.

You may also ride a white bus from Jcenter mall for about PHP 11.00 (6-8 mins.).

Prices are as of November 2021. Prices may vary depending on the route and rate change.


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Ramen Yushoken Cebu
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Mica Shane Colina
Mica Shane Colina
16:59 19 Aug 21
The food is good. They encourage customers to have a great dining experience. Thus, they only provide chopsticks and spoon
00:27 06 Jul 21
Simply the best ramen in Cebu. I've only been here twice and I'd definitely be back again. Great selection of dishes and good customer service. It's best to come before 11am on weekends if you want... to secure a good spot and enjoy your fill as the place is famous and has limited seating capacity due to the pandemic. They have a good amount per serving and you really get your money's worth. They accept cashless payments.read more
Thamer Jorge Mascarinas
Thamer Jorge Mascarinas
13:15 19 Sep 20
Love their Ramen. 🍜
iamliven official (iamlivenofficial)
iamliven official (iamlivenofficial)
05:18 09 Sep 20
Ramen to die for.
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