There is nothing more stylish than to dine in an urban restaurant. Marina Seaview Restaurant, an urban restaurant with an elegant and sophisticated ambiance that

There is nothing more stylish than to dine in an urban restaurant. Marina Seaview Restaurant, an urban restaurant with an elegant and sophisticated ambiance that seems like you are dining inside a hotel with a sea view like no other.

Marina Seaview fully opened last January 17, 2017, and it’s been five years since they have been operating. AppleOne Properties Inc is the owner of Marina Seaview Restaurant that is located alongside the Mactan Channel and is beside ‘I Love Bucket Shrimps’ and Cebu Yacht Club. Don’t miss the sunset when dining in this restaurant.

Marina Seaview Location

It is located in Brgy. Ibo in Lapu-lapu City and is beside ‘I Love Bucket Shrimps’ and Cebu Yacht Club.

Opening Hours for Ala Carte is from 11:00AM – 10:00PM
Sunset Bar & Lounge: 5pm – 10pm
Open Daily / Live Music (Fri-Sun)

Social Media Pages:

You may contact them through their FB Page or IG Page.

4 Types of Dining You’ll Find in Marina Seaview

There are four different dining lay-out in Marina Seaview Restaurant. You can choose from these dining layouts what kind of preference you’d like to dine in: Fine Dining, Al Fresco Resto Bar, Ballroom Function Hall, and the Glassdoor. Each dining layout has its own unique specialty that would give a variety of options and satisfaction to customers.

1. Fine Dining

Marina Seaview Reception

The first thing you’ll notice when you step inside is the lobby-like reception that will welcome and assist you with your inquiries. They will guide you where you’d like to sit inside the restaurant or answer your queries regarding events or functions.

Main Dining Hall

And inside the hall, you can see first the fine dining layout of Marina Seaview. With a high ceiling and glass-enclosed layout, it would really seem that you are about to dine in a high-class hotel restaurant for lunch or dinner. Every seat is made from upholstery that is made of imported stingray leather, fit for a king or a queen to dine.

Main Dining Hall
Main Dining Hall

A posh restaurant like Marina Seaview Restaurant is very luxe and sleek. The interior design of the restaurant is classy and elegant, which you really feel like dining inside the restaurant. They also have a big bar inside the Main Dining Hall.

Main Dining Hall Bar
Main Dining Hall

You can also see different kinds of chandeliers on the different sides of the main restaurant. It’s very cheek and elegant to witness an interesting main dining hall like this.

Main Dining Hall
Don’t miss out on taking a photo on their green background near the reception.

2. Al Fresco Resto Bar

Al-fresco Resto Bar

The Alfresco resto-bar of Marina Seaview Restaurant is an outdoor restaurant and bar that you can dine in with friends or family. With this outdoor sight, you can see Cebu City in a different view and also feel the breeze while enjoying your food and your company.

Al-fresco Resto Bar

This outdoor venue can also be changed for special events/occasions or functions.

3. Ballroom – Events Hall Function

Marina Seaview’s Ballroom function hall is located just beside the main dining hall. They accommodate all kinds of functions like weddings, events, birthdays, and/or corporate events. They also held events like meetings or any kinds of gatherings.

You can see in the photo below that we celebrated our annual anniversary here in the Ballroom function hall in Marina Seaview. We celebrated our event together with our Japanese interns and tour guides last 2019.

We celebrated our Anniversary party here in the Ballroom Function of Marina Seaview!

See below the Grand Celebration brochure of Ballroom Function Hall.

Ballroom Function Hall Brochure

4. The Glasshouse – For Intimate Gathering

The Glasshouse of Marina Seaview

Since the pandemic happened, events like weddings or birthdays are not the same as before. Everything has become intimate with fewer guests and with only close friends or family members. That’s why Marina Seaview has just recently installed the Glasshouse since April of 2021.

Inside the Glasshouse

The Glasshouse can accommodate intimate gatherings like weddings, birthdays, or group meetings with only a minimum of 15 persons to a maximum of 25 persons. You can imagine having your wedding or birthday with only close friends or family to celebrate an intimate gathering of your life.

Interior details of the Glasshouse
Details on the plater of the Glasshouse
The Glasshouse Brochure

Marina Seaview Menu

You can view the Food menu and drink menu right here! Look down below for photos.

Marina Seaview Food Menu:

Marina Seaview Drinks Menu:

Marina Seaview Restaurant Best Sellers

They cater mostly seafood cuisine and American dishes on their menu. We tried these dishes and we really wanted you to try them, too!

Mixed Seafood Kare-kare
US Rib Eye Steak
Chicken Teriyaki
Fried Lapu-lapu
Kids are also allowed inside Marina Seaview Restaurants!

Marina Seaview Restaurant Review

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If you want a romantic dinner with loved ones or friends, then Marina Seaview would be a better date place to eat seafood!

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