“Where nature begins and never ends.” – Puerto Princesa


Puerto Princesa is a coastal city in Palawan Island located in the western Philippines. It is considered as the second-largest city in the country, with approximately 284,442 in population according to the 2019 PSA census. It is a city within a forest and is very rich with Flora and Fauna.


The city is very famous with its Puerto Princesa Subterranean Underground River, which is visited with approximately 900-1,000 tourists and visitors a month.

From January to May, usually, Local Tourists will visit and explore the cavern, while October to December is mostly visited with foreign nationalities.

Come on and let’s explore it now!


Before starting our tour in the Puerto Princesa Subterranean Underground River, it is also a must to pay for some fees and have our registration beforehand.

Step 1

Go to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean Underground River National Park Management Office. There, you will be asked to pay for the necessary fees such as Entrance Fee, Environmental Fee and have your Registration Process (they will be asking important details about you such as Name, Age, Gender, and the like). After payment and the registration process, they will give you a name card that serves as your entry in getting in the cave.

(Puerto Princesa Subterranean Underground River National Park Management Office.)
(A sample of a Name Card to be given after the registration process.)

The number of persons that you could reserve as walk-in customers can only be up to 100 pax. So, be sure to count your pax or persons within your group.

Please don’t lose this card! Or else you cannot enter the Puerto Princesa Underground River.

Step 2

The PPUR Management Office is located in the main city. It is advisable that your Hotel or accommodation be near the Puerto Princesa underground river (which is at Sabang, Puerto Princesa), that is, if you want to enter the cavern early in the morning.

The PPUR management office in Sabang normally opens at around 7:30 AM. Here, we will pay for the Terminal Fee, Audio Device Fee, and the Boat Fee. We will also be asked for some personal details regarding the registration process in their office.

Step 3

After all the necessary processes, you can already proceed to riding the boats going to the Puerto Princesa Underground River. Just present your Card Name to the boatman and tourist guide so that you can go on with your tour.

(Please present your Name Card upon riding the boat going to the Underground River.)

Step 4

The trip lasts for about 15 minutes from the Sabang Port going to the Puerto Princesa Underground River. Please wear your life jacket for safety purposes.

(Riding a boat going to the Puerto Princesa Underground River.)
(A Registration Booth before going inside the Underground River.)

Step 5

Riding a small boat and getting in the cavern to explore and experience the fluttering beauty of Puerto Princesa Underground River.

When you have decided to travel and experience the Puerto Princesa Underground River tour, it is also a must to have your own detailed and exciting itinerary. You do this whether you want it impromptu or you seek some pieces of advice from the locals on the day of the tour or booking, or when using the services of a certain travel and tour agency around the metro.

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Being awarded as UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the world’s New 7 Wonders of Nature. The National Park covers more than 22,200 hectares of biodiverse mountains, forests, and sea ecosystems.


Puerto Princesa Underground River is visited around 900 – 1,000 tourists and visitors every month.

The ride will take a 45-50 minutes trail back and forth. Inside measures 1.3 kilometers from the entrance (which is open to the public), with beautiful rock formations that were accumulated for a million years.

While experiencing the trail inside the cavern, you can listen to the audio device being provided during the tour. Listening to the device will add up to the exciting feeling that you can experience while having the tour inside. Basically, the Audio Device will talk about the history and the different kinds of rock formations inside the cavern.

You can also take pictures inside the cavern. Just make sure you have enough light with you to capture different kinds of amazing rock formations that have evolved for a million years.

Every year, there is an intended date for the closing of the cavern for the cleaning period which goes from July 1-3. So, it is not advisable to plan your visit during these dates.

The top market nationalities who visit the Puerto Princesa Underground River are usually Taiwanese, Chinese and Koreans according to the Tourism officers in Puerto Princesa, DOT.


This natural landscape features a “mountain-to-sea” ecosystem, covering more than 22,200 hectares.

(The Face of Jesus Christ.)
(The Dinosaur.)
(The Pegasus)
(The Burning Candle.)
(The Big Mushroom.)

Inside the cavern, you can also see different Stalactites and Stalagmites that have developed for a million years.

(Sample image for Stalactites.)
(Sample image for Stalagmites.)

Stalactite is a mineral formation that has its base on the ceiling of a cave, usually forming a roughly conical shape pointing downward. While a Stalagmite, on the other hand, is a mineral formation that has its base on the floor of a cave. It usually takes a roughly conical shape, like a stalactite, but pointed upwards from the floor instead.

“STALACTITES hold tight to the CEILING!”
“STALAGMITES are sitting in the GROUND!”


Aside from the breath-taking view inside the cavern, where different kinds of rock formations can be found, there is also a more satisfying view outside that you can enjoy, which is the white sand beach before going inside the cavern.

Here, you can also take pictures while experiencing the relaxing vibe of the beautiful white sand beach.


Underground River (Regular Rate) – Php 500 / pax
Underground River (Special Rate) – Php 1,000 / pax

Environmental Fee – Php 150 / pax
Audio Device Fee – Php 85 / pax
Boat Fee (good for 6pax) – Php 1,100 Rate per pax – Php 184 / pax
Boat Fee (good for 7pax) – Php 1,255 Rate per pax – Php 180 / pax
Boat Fee (good for 8pax) – Php 1,425 Rate per pax – Php 179 / pax
Terminal Fee – Php 5.00 / pax

Puerto Princesa underground river is indeed a place of unexpected beauty. From the hundreds of species of plants and animals that you can see in the place up to the beautiful white sand beaches that it offers.

The fluttering beauty of the Puerto Princesa Underground River is just one of the amazing tourist spots that you can see and experience in the Philippines.

Did you know that the city has something more to offer other than the famous Underground River? It has many tourist spots around the area that are recommended to visit, too!