Kalanggaman Island

When in paradise, the most poignant you could probably do is leaving too early. Have the freedom to make that trip last. Spend the night to see what kind of paradise comes after the sun.

Kalanggaman Island doesn’t stop you from experiencing what shines aside from its oozing pearl-white sandy beaches and glistening crystal waters.

Kalanggaman Island bears out a fact that beaches aren’t only pretty when it’s sunny. The islet can be enjoyed after the sun, too! Real delight comes when the sun is out.

So, before you board that boat, here are 7 reasons why you should have an overnight stay at Kalanggaman Island.

Drone shot of Kalanggaman Island

1. Uncertain Boat Schedules

Malapascua Dropoff Point.

If you’re planning to acquire a public boat for your trip, you might want to keep in mind that public boats won’t sail unless the required number of passengers is met.

From New Maya Port, it requires 15 people to be on board before going to Kalanggaman Island. Availing the private boat will cost around PHP 8,500 which can accommodate 2 persons. And the travel time will take you for approximately two hours.

From Malapascua, the public boat demands 15-20 people and the fee will cost PHP 1000 each, inclusive of lunch. The travel time will take you approximately two hours to Kalanggaman Island.

The problem when acquiring the public boat is the undecided time for leaving. Time will not be in your hands if you want to opt for spending less for a day trip.

2. The Flexibility of Time

Picture-taking at Kalanggaman Island.

Stepping foot on the sandy wonderland can get you very excited that you want to try everything out—the serene view, the lulling sound of waves, and the fresh gush of wind can get really tempting to hit for a quick break.

Long travel hours and the tiring motion sickness could get overbearing, and a sweet nap is an ideal to recharge that tired body. But as soon as you know it, the boat could be leaving at any hour, creating a void that will leave you unsatisfied of your trip

So, let yourself fall behind and take that sweet rest. It’s your vacation anyway. Don’t chase any time, and stop worrying about the things you could do for later.

3. A Wider Scope of Adventure

Kalanggaman Island may be small, but there’s a lot you can do, as long as you’re in control of your own time.

May it be watersports, beach volleyball or just swimming, Kalanggaman Island has it for you! With just a short distance from the main shore, JeTer Resort offers watersports for you to jazz up your trip to Kalanggaman Island:


During our stay, my friends and I availed the Paddle Boat and the Transparent Kayak, which I found enjoyable.

Paddle Boat is best used for a snorkeling tour around the west side of the island. My friends went for a dive to see some giant clams and different species of vibrant fish.

4. Accommodation? Not a problem!

Kalanggaman Island is a low-maintenance islet, and that’s what makes it so special!

The island doesn’t hide any special amenities that could go beyond your expense. There’s nothing to be scared about the island being small and simple. Tents and cottages for overnight stay are available to rent.

Tent Rate for 4 PeoplePHP 300
Tent Rate for 2 PeoplePHP 250

Tent rental requires one valid ID and PHP 200 deposit

Kalanggaman Cottage
MediumPHP 500
LargePHP 750
TablePHP 200

During our stay, we acquired a Wooden Tent at JeTer Resort, which cost PHP 1000 per night. The tent is spacious enough to accommodate 3 to 4 people (maximum of 5). We paid extra PHP 250 for a set of 2 pillows and a blanket. The tent also comes with foam inside, so you’d be able to sleep comfortably.

Tipi Hut at JeTer Resort.

The accommodation has comprehensive breakfast meals for two. If the accommodation happens to go beyond two persons, you’d just have to pay PHP 150 for an additional meal.

If you’re having second thoughts about staying here, several amenities for convenience are also accessible. There are charging stations available for use. Bathrooms are available everywhere on the island, and the freshwater can be bought for 80 PHP per container. Sari-Sari Stores also sell food to eat. Most families who spend a night here bring their own food, and the cooking station is open for everyone to use.

Freshwater for sale.
Charging station
Grilling Station
Tourist Police Assistance Center
Medical Station

5. The Sunset is to Die For!

West Side Kalanggaman Island Sunset.

The sun sets just on the west side of Kalanggaman Island; this mesmerizing view happens at 5 PM in the early evening. You can take marvelous silhouette shots while playing along with the sun before the tides devour it.

Golden Hour has never been this finest! Watching the sunset is the best highlight of the day. Feel free to gaze at the orange sky as it slowly makes an amazing contrast with the dark blue sky.

6. Kalanggaman Island is a Certified Celestial Paradise

West Side Stars at Kalanggaman Island

The sun is out, but darkness doesn’t completely embrace the island. The moon shines from the orange dusk. And as the night passes, stars come out little by little, revealing constellations you can create in your own mind.

Though the island still has many tourists at night, Kalanggaman Island remains peaceful. Dominated by high-tides, the east shore can still be walked on. People gather up around the area to admire the bright moon as being the area’s main source of light.

7. Morning Grandeur

East Side Sunrise at Kalanggaman Island

The tides have submerged and it’s time for the sun to reveal itself again! This is something you shouldn’t miss after spending the night at Kalanggaman Island. Sunrise starts at 6 AM on the east sandbar on the island.

Watch the light spread as the shore stretches up to its endpoint. Surely, nothing is more splendid than the Kalanggaman Sunrise.

Kalanggaman Island East Side Sandbar

Kalanggaman Island is a summer Eden where you can walk on the path of wonders at both ends. The island may be small, but you can do so much if you only look beyond what lies through day and night. Experience the sundown yourself. Head over to Kalannggaman Island!

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