Top of Cebu: Casual Dining with a View

Top of Cebu

Having a meal against the backdrop of the panoramic night view of metropolitan Cebu sounds like a sweet, romantic time. Be that as it may, Top of Cebu can also make it a fun night out with friends and a heartfelt gathering with family and relatives. 

Top of Cebu is a recommended spot for lovers who want an intimate setting that is not overly serious. Additionally, the place is also ideal for small to big groups who want to make the eat-out a special occasion and a casual get-together at the same time. 

Locals and foreigners frequent the restaurant a lot, so make sure to call ahead to reserve a table if you want a guaranteed seat! 

About Top of Cebu Restaurant

Top of Cebu lives up to its name. After all, the restaurant is located in Busay, a residential district in Cebu’s mountainside. 

Patrons do not just visit Top of Cebu for the city view. Besides the beautiful view, the restaurant also serves dishes and delicacies that accurately capture the Filipino palate: a balance of savory sweet, salty and sour flavors. This comes as no surprise considering that the owners are Filipinos who also manage Lantaw and House of Lechon, both well-loved by domestic and international customers. 

Top of Cebu Entrance

This cute mural painting of Cebu and its neighboring islands will greet you upon your entrance to the restaurant. Interestingly, the entrance is spacious and designed in a way where patrons cannot simply ignore the mural. 

If the restaurant is full, you may take a seat at any of the chairs here.

Seating at Top of Cebu

Watch your step!
The stairs are sloped, so wear comfortable footwear.

The stairs (pictured above) lead to the central area of the restaurant. The tables here are suited for groups and for customers who come in twos (ideal for dates):

It may interest you that there is a separate area a level lower than the main dining area that is slightly more decorated with a closer view of the city lights. Considering that this is a more special seat, it is advisable to reach out to the restaurant ahead of time for a reservation if you wish to be seated here:

10 Must-try Dishes in Top of Cebu Restaurant

Salted-Egg Calamares

This dish is a crowd favorite: it’s appetizing, easy to eat, and the salted-egg power makes the crunchy and juicy calamari (squid rings) even tastier!

Php 310

Top of Cebu provides two dips for this starter dish: mango salsa and aioli dip (olive oil and garlic). 

Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls are a staple in Philippine town fiestas, parties and reunions. Just about any restaurant in the Philippines offers this in their menus. Locally, they are also called lumpia. Pork, vegetables and beef fill this deep-fried dish.

Php 270

The sweet, honey-chili sauce adds a little kick to this simple dish.

Pancit de Cebu

If you ask the staff what their best-sellers are, they will mention this dish without fail! 

Php 340

Pancit de Cebu is made up of spicy pancit canton noodles. These noodles are crunchy and mixed with seafood, vegetables, pork, eggs and Cebu chicharon (chicharon is the most famous product of Carcar, Cebu). If you are concerned about the spiciness, it kicks in after a few bites. 

Although this is a best-seller, it is not recommended for young children due to the spicy taste.

Truffled Mushroom Pasta

This is a simple dish that is prepared well. Although it is simple, it is warm and inviting, and a good choice to order for sharing with others. 

Php 360

The added garlic punctuates the musky smell this dish has. Delicious!

Seafood Marinara Pasta

This tomato-based pasta of shrimp, squid, mussels and white clams captures the blends of flavors that Filipino meals are known for: sweet, buttery and slightly spicy. The dish also contains grated Parmesan cheese and garlic. 

Php 345

Grilled shrimp with citrus salad and honey lemon dressing

The shrimp is grilled well and the salty taste compliments the citrusy and slightly sweet sauce that it comes with. For a memorable taste, you should have the tangerines eaten together with the shrimp– the flavors crashing together is unique!

Php 260

Sisig Rice

Sisig originates from Pampanga in Luzon and is a heritage of Angeles City, Pampanga. 

Php 180

The small cuts of meat are taken from the parts of a pig’s face and belly and are seasoned with green onions, Philippine lime (calamansi) and chili. Interestingly, Sisig started out as an appetizer in its early days but grew so popular that locals began to serve it as a main course. 

Aligue Rice 

Aligue is a term used to refer to “crab fat”, but it is not exactly fat. To be more specific, it is the creamy, bright yellow or yellow-orange paste inside a crab that is quite salty and similar in taste with sea urchin roe.

Php 180

Aligue Rice is created by aligue, garlic and butter. Furthermore, the garlic makes the rice even more appetizing. It’s perfect to eat with the restaurant’s main courses!

Individuals with high cholesterol should avoid this dish due to the crab fat.

Mango and Buko Shake 

Top of Cebu’s Mango Shake is created by blending ripe mango pieces together. It is very popular even among locals due to the sumptuous taste of the mangoes. This is because Philippine mangoes are the local pride of the country, known to be very sweet due to the tropical climate. 

Php 110
Php 110

Buko Shake is a Coconut Shake that is a rich source of many vitamins (electrolytes and Vitamin C) and healthy fats. Thus, it is perfect for those who are looking for a refreshing drink that is not too sweet. 

Top of Cebu Complete Menu

How do I travel to Top of Cebu?

Top of Cebu Restaurant Information

Please contact the restaurant ahead of time (preferably hours or a day before) to book a table. You may reach them through their Facebook page, but it is more efficient to contact their mobile number. 


Contact Number: 0920 986 6565

Operating Hours (as of August 3, 2022): 11AM – 10PM (Mon-Thurs), 11AM-11PM (Fri-Sun)

Location: Transcentral Highway, Busay, Cebu Philippines 6000

Traveling by motorcycle

You can get to Top of Cebu by motorcycle. If your location is distant from Busay, you may have to negotiate with motorcycle drivers to take you to the mountainside as they typically do not receive such requests. Another option would be to book an Angkas ride (Angkas is a mobile application that functions like an Uber, except the vehicle is a motorcycle). 

Photo courtesy of Mr and Mrs Showe

Leave early so you can allot time for the travel amidst the traffic. This is because roads tend to become very congested during 4-5pm because locals are usually returning home from work during this period. If you have an appointment at 6pm, please leave at 4 PM or 4:30 PM. 

Take note that weather may affect the quality of your motorcycle ride. Getting to the restaurant by taxi would be a more convenient way to travel.

Traveling by Taxi

If you wish for a more comfortable means of transportation, you may opt to travel by taxi instead. However, taxi drivers (especially ones that usually travel around the city) may be taken aback if you negotiate with them on the spot as they do not usually get asked to travel to the mountainside. 

Photo courtesy of The Cebu Tourist

You may contact a taxi company ahead of time:

Airland Taxi(032) 255 1319
Atlax Taxicab(032) 253 6637
Blue Eye Taxi(032) 238 0307
Catz Taxi(032) 414 6449
Corominas Taxi0939 424 4492 (Smart)
Danny’s Cebu Taxi Service (Danao City)0906 153 4659 (Globe)
Good Shepherd Taxi(032) 345 0861
Holiday Taxi(032) 345 1622
Ken Taxi Services (Talisay City)0915 895 2544 (Globe)
Kevin Mitz Taxi(032) 255 1319
King Spider Taxi(032) 261 6655
Scorpion Taxi(032) 254 4335

Booking a Grab vehicle is also another option so you can book taxis with ease using a mobile application. With Grab App, you may even select the type of vehicle to accommodate a certain number of people (4-seater, 6-seater) and the payment method (cash or card). 

Estimated Travel Costs from the City to Busay

Allot the following amounts for the transportation method of your choice:

Motorcycle: Php 300-500 

Taxi: Php 500-1,000 

Always prepare smaller bills and coins if you are paying in cash because the driver might not have enough on them to provide you with change. 

Recommended clothing

It is chilly in the restaurant due to its location near the top of a mountain. Hence, you should wear thick clothing or layers of clothing to keep yourself warm.

Additionally, it is better to not wear heels because the parking lot is not paved. Thus, closed shoes, rubber shoes and other comfortable footwear are better options.

Social media pages

Top of Cebu posts updates regarding their seating capacity and operating hours of their Facebook page. In line with this, patrons should monitor their page for updates.



Here are the most important points to remember:

  1. Call the restaurant ahead of time to place a reservation.
  2. Allot a minimum of 1 hour for the travel due to the city traffic.
  3. The most convenient way to travel to the restaurant is by taxi, although it is pricier.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes and thick clothes to the restaurant.
  5. Monitor their social media page for updates on their seating capacity and operating hours.

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