Are you one of the beach enthusiasts?

Experience KALANGGAMAN ISLAND, and be ready to fall in love with this pristine islet’s mesmerizing white sand beach and crystal-clear turquoise water.

Cebu North Bus Terminal – Maya Port – Kalanggaman Island Map


Kalanggaman Island is located in the municipality of Palompon, in the province of Leyte. It is famous for its powdery, white sand beaches and crystal-clear blue water that stretch along both sides of the island.

Kalanggaman Island of Brgy. Tinabilan, Palompon, Leyte has a total area of 6.8 hectares, with an amazing sanctuary of birds and rich aquatic resources. The name was taken from a Cebuano word “Langgam” or “Bird”, for this place is a bird hub. As reckoned from well-known stories passed from old generations of Palomponganons, lots of birds swooped here because of the volumes of fishes that abound the island. Likewise, the shape of the island expressively reflects white flapping wings that are duly expanded on its sides when viewed above. These, in fact, are the famous and attractive powdery white sand bars at each tip of Kalanggaman Island.


Walk Around the Island

The first thing we did in Kalanggaman Island was to walk barefooted on its very refined white sands.

While walking under the shades of the island’s awe-inspiring trees, you can hear birds chirping, which will make your walk dreamy. At the end of the trail, you can see a lovely treehouse that will surely captivate your heart to take many pictures.


The next thing we did was snorkeling at the Kalanggaman Sanctuary. Here, you can see a lot of different marine species like fish, clams and fascinating corals. Our snorkeling took about 30 minutes. There is no snorkeling fee if you want to snorkel in the sanctuary. If you’re renting a private boat going to Kalanggaman, the boatman can guide you to the snorkeling area. But if you’re using a public boat, you can just ask someone from the tourist assistant desk to assist you. There is also a renting shop for snorkeling gears, if you did not bring any. It will cost Php 300.00 for one set of mask and snorkel.

After our mind-blowing snorkeling, we sat under the palm trees and waited for our lunch.

Grilled Pork, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Fish, Pancit, Shrimps, Rice, Mango, Banana, and Soft drinks.

We availed a private boat in which lunch was already included. The food they prepared for us was a Filipino cuisine, which included grilled pork, grilled chicken, grilled fish, ‘pancit’, garlic shrimps, rice, fruits (mango and banana), and soft drinks. The food was very yummy, and the serving was good for 3 to 4 people.

Most tourists bring their own food, while others will avail food service from the boat company. Usually, lunch is already included in the boat package. Kalanggaman Island has “Sari-Sari” stores only; there are no restaurants on the Island.

Kalanggaman Sari-Sari Store (Convenience Store) Photo

Sari-Sari means “variety” or “everything”. It is a family-run convenience store found in almost every street corner in the Philippines. Sari-Sari stores are not only one-stop-shops, providing locals with everything from daily food necessities to cleaning supplies, but they are also a colorful, cultural icon that brings together the community.

Picture Taking

Take as many photos as you want with the background of Kalanggaman Island’s mesmerizing white sand beach and crystal-clear turquoise water.


Drone Photo of Kalanggaman Island

Have fun and enjoy swimming in this fascinating clear water and refined sand bars.

You can also do other activities in Kalanggaman Island such as Kayaking, Banana Boat Riding, Camping, and Diving.


Tourist Police Assistant Desk

Tourist Police Assistance Desk

Medical Station

Kalanggaman Island Medical Station

Shower Room

Shower Room – Facilities in Kalanggaman Island

Tent for Rent

Kalanggaman Tent for Rent
  • Rate: Php 300 / night (Four-person Tent), Php 250 / night (Two-person Tent)
  • Deposit: valid ID + Php 200

Teepee Hut

Teepee huts in Jeter Resort is only Php 1,000/day with breakfast for two. The resort has a clean restroom, and they also offer rentals for water sports activities that include:

  • Jet Ski: Php 4,500 / Hour
  • Banana Boat: Php 800 / Ride / 8Pax
  • Kayak or Transparent Boat: Php 250 / Hour
  • Paddle Boat: Php 250/Hour

When we tried to do the water sports activities, the only ones available were Banana Boat, Kayak, Paddle Boating, and Snorkeling.

Kalanggaman Cottage for Rent

  • Table: Php 200.00
  • Medium: Php 500.00
  • Large: Php 750.00


Entrance Fee

International TouristPhp 500.00Php 750.00
Non-Palompon TouristPhp 150.00Php 225.00
Non-Palompon College StudentPhp 40.00Php 60.00
Non-Palompon High School StudentPhp 30.00Php 45.00
Non-Palompon Elementary PupilPhp 20.00Php 30.00
Non-Palompon Senior CitizenPhp 120.00Php 180.00


Pump Boat Fees

Private Boat from New Maya Port2 PaxPhp 8,500.00
Public Boat from New Maya Port 15 PaxPhp 13,000.00 – Php 15,000.00
Public Boat Malapascua – Kalanggaman15-20 PaxPhp 1,000.00 per Pax with free lunch


Taxi/Jeepney from Mactan Area

  • Taxis can go directly to the North Bus Terminal. In riding a taxi, make sure that the taxi is using a meter so that you will know how much you need to pay the taxi driver. Going to the North Bus Terminal will cost about Php 200.00 – Php 300.00.
  • In riding a Jeepney, you need to ride 2 jeepneys to get to the North Bus Terminal. First, ride a jeepney from Mactan going to Park Mall. It will cost you Php 12.00 for the jeepney fare. Next, ride a jeepney from Park Mall going to the North Bus Terminal. It costs Php 8.00 only.

Taxi/Jeepney from Cebu City Area

  • Ride a taxi going to the North Bus Terminal. Approximately, it will cost Php 200.00-300.00, depending on how far you are from the terminal. Ride a taxi that has a meter so you can ask for a receipt. This will also let you know how much you need to pay to the driver, and avoid taxi fare scams. Most Filipino taxi drivers are hospitable and helpful, but it is better to be careful than sorry.
  • For Cebu City Area, ride a jeepney going to SM City, Cebu Mall. It will only cost you Php 8.00 from your hotel. Then, ride again a jeepney going to the North Bus Terminal. It will cost you Php 8.00 for the jeepney fare.


  • Ride a Ceres Bus from Cebu North Bus Terminal to New Maya Port. Travel time is approximately four hours. The fare rate is Php 225.00 for aircon bus and Php 200.00 for non-aircon bus.


  • Bring enough food and water. Kalangaman Island has sari-sari stores that offer basic necessities only. Soap, shampoo, and detergents are STRICTLY PROHIBITED on the island.
  • Bring sunscreen protection.
  • Traveling going to Kalanggaman is not allowed during rough weather conditions. Check the weather advisory prior to traveling, or you may consult the Palompon Eco-Tourism Office for advice.
  • Bring snorkeling gears. The beach is great, but the real paradise lies underwater. If you don’t have snorkeling gears, you can rent them in the island for Php 300 per one full day of use.
  • Day Tour cottages aren’t free. They are to be rented for Php 250 – Php 700/day. The cottages already come with a table and four chairs. If you are staying overnight, bring with you your tents and camping gear.
  • Don’t forget to charge your gadgets, as there is no electricity on the island. If you’re staying at Jeter Resort, you can charge your phone for Php 100 per full charge.
  • There is only limited freshwater in Kalanggaman Island. You can avail for a five-gallon container of freshwater that will cost Php 80 per container.
  • ATM Machines are only available in Bogo Town.
  • Kalanggaman is far from the city, so mind your things and make sure that you don’t leave anything on the island. 
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Come and experience the spellbinding beauty of Kalanggaman Island, “A place of relaxation, rest and tranquility”.