Verified Lounge – On the rocks for a perfect evening in Cebu’s premier sky lounge!

It seems like you have a lot on your mind. Wanna drink about it? This roof deck lounge is definitely a great hotspot for you! If you love to unwind and hang out with friends! You can visit and soothe yourself with the good vibes and music while spending the night out appreciating the striking view of the city lights during the blue hour.

Verified Lounge’s Stunning Blue hour

Cebu’s Blue Hour

What’s a blue hour? It’s different from the sunset hour wherein the sky looks orange. As seen in the photo, the blue hour is when the sky turns blue or darkish blue as an indication that nighttime is coming. It’s the best time to enjoy a cold breeze. Not to mention, the place is quite close to Cebu’s Waterfront Hotel which is eye-catching when lit at night. It’s a perfect place for spending your time on a date, lounging with your friends, and even when you’re having booze alone.

What is Verified Lounge?

Verified Lounge is a pub where they offer their best craft drinks from cocktails to whiskey and to a more variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. This place highlights their “lounge” where you drink, relax, and enjoy.

It’s a simple and sophisticated location where you can feel the beauty of the night. Their social media are updated with upcoming events that you can join in as well! Check them right here.

Get a look through of the sky lounge

What’s on the rooftop?

Wine and Dine Area
Reception Area
Bar Area
Roof deck space

The idea of having a lounge and a pub on the rooftop is superb! This place, surely adds up to your go-to list. These pictures were taken on weekdays and it’s clear that not many people are around at this time, which makes it a perfect time to wait and enjoy the “blue hour” in Cebu.

Check out more of what’s inside!


A wide and spacious area where you have more room to sit around in comfortable sofas while listening to rhythmic vibes and enjoying the exclusivity of their premier lounges. It’s a place to spend a short getaway to de-stress and have quality time with your friends. Although alcohol may not be the answer, it is worth a shot!

Here’s Tiktok video from our experience!

@cspplanet Amazing cocktails and offers a stunning view of the cityscape of #Cebu#fyp #foryoupage #cebueats #cebufood #fypシ ♬ Vibe Check XavierDaProducer – XavierDaProducer



This place is really hospitable, especially when it comes to ordering your drinks. We’ve actually wanted to taste a bunch of their drinks and ordered most from their crafts and it was really a blast. They really live up to making each drink special. If you’ve got something in mind, let your wish drinks come true!

Recommended Women’s Drink

First off, these featured drinks were recommended for women who are light and strong drinkers.

Veronica’s Perfume

Price: PHP 385.00 – A recommended light drink for women. Served in a champagne flute glass. Contains gin and patron tequila. It’s topped with a dried mango chip and ternatea which is the purple-colored part of the drink.

No. 8

Price: PHP 385.00 – Served in a balloon wine glass. It’s a stronger drink with a smoky taste from the Mezcal with the addition of the ternatea’s color and flavor. This is topped with a thin slice of orange fruit.


There are a lot of benefits you get from this ingredient. Not only is it herbal, but also good for boosting your metabolism. It is said that the Butterfly pea flower is also a mood enhancer! Women would definitely love having this in their drinks, especially after a long day from work.

Recommended Men’s Drink

Other than the women’s recommended drink. Here’s are some preferred drinks for men.


Price: PHP 385.00 – This light drink fizzles! They used Canada Dry ginger ale mixed with tequila and grapefruit syrup topped with a fresh slice of cucumber. Served in a highball glass.


Price: PHP 385.00 – This is a bourbon whiskey stirred with bitters and served in a rocks glass. It’s a classic strong drink. This was offered out of the menu and was pleasantly crafted by the bartender.


We asked for the best non-alcoholic drinks, but almost all of them are excellent considering that they have a natural taste! As a result, I ordered this “Watermelon Ginger” since I love watermelons, however, I was a bit hesitant due to the “ginger” name, but mind telling you! The taste is very likable than I had imagined. There are actually more drinks than this one, check the menu out here!

Watermelon Ginger

Price: PHP 180.00 – When you don’t need alcohol to have fun, try out their “Prime Juices”! This watermelon ginger is one of them and its fruity taste is natural!

Not on the Menu

Just like “V-Fashion”, this drink is not on the menu. We’re looking for some desserts to enjoy, although it’s not something to eat, the bartender was kind enough to recommend a drink out of the menu and we went for it! It’s called a mudslide!


Price: PHP 385.00 – A dessert drink with an alcohol twist! It’s a craft drink. It’s a blend of cream, vodka, and coffee liqueur served in a balloon wine glass.


Of course! It’s not just about the alcohol! Pair it with a snack as well and try out their pica-pica! There’s actually more to the menu and we chose two out of them and gave it a go.

Spicy Chicken

Price: PHP 288.00 – The spicy flavor is definitely a highlight here. A specialized sauce is used and the taste is sweet and spicy. A good kick to sober up from the booze.


Price: PHP 260.00 – Deep-fried squid rings with a mild taste and crispy texture.

We also wanted to try out some meals here considering that Verified Lounge has a sister company called “Esca” where the kitchen is at the same place. However, it’s currently unavailable as of February 2022. For further updates, check out their social media down below.

Menu Categories

Prime JuicesSodas/JuicesCoffeePica-pica (snack)
ClassicRumChampagneRed Wine
These categories were based on the menu.


Address:22nd Floor, Rooftop – Avenir Building, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City.
Opening Hours: 3:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Reservations are available online via Instagram. Also, events are sometimes held on the weekends, it’s best to contact them first if you plan to reserve or drop by.



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Verified Lounge
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Mihir Patil
Mihir Patil
07:24 06 Jan 22
It's a Beautiful place, loved it.
Jesse Ramon
Jesse Ramon
04:47 22 Jun 21
I love verified lounge... Everyone that I've met there are so warm ans genuine... Such a beautiful place when you want to feel how wonderful life can be... Jess
John De Guia
John De Guia
12:56 03 May 21
Distinguished place with 360 degrees view of the city. Appetizing food and ethical customer service. Cheers!
Rachel Tagaisla
Rachel Tagaisla
23:44 15 Dec 20
Great sunset view and I love their amaretto sour.COVID update: they’re open daily 4pm-11pm but in a per appointment basis, contact them thru social media first prior to coming.
Gwen Arrojo
Gwen Arrojo
00:25 24 Feb 20
When I went there, I was expecting a better vibes than Morals and Malice. But then again, we can't compare two different spots with different amenities to offer. I went here on a Sunday, most people were at home taking a rest before the Monday blues kick in. If you don't like much crowd and would... want a chill vibe and enjoy sunset, this is the best place to go to... on a SUNDAY. 🤣 OTHERWISE, come here on a Thur-Fri and bring extra cash or a card handy, tables surely cost a few bucks. The place looks like a work in progress. Some facilities are still not fully furnished. They don't have a kitchen yet, so DON'T COME HUNGRY coz there's never gonna be food on the menu. What's good is that they would allow you to order Grab Food. 🤗Staff are very friendly. I was having a convo with one of them while sitting alone waiting for someone. Overall, it offers an experience like no other in Cebu. Been everywhere, nothing compare to this place. If you prefer sports bar vibes or is looking for a beer pong, better go elsewhere like Park Social. This place highlights intimate vibes. The music could be more
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