MITSUYADO SEI-MEN CEBU- Ramen Series Episode 5

Here’s a quick look through inside Mitsuyado Sei-men Cebu.
Vintage vibes - one of the things I love in Mitsuyado Sei-men Cebu.
Vintage vibes – This is one of the things I love in Mitsuyado Sei-men Cebu.

All about Mitsuyado Sei-men Cebu

It is known as the house of Tsukemen, Mitsuyado Sei-men captured the hearts of Cebuanos and Japanese tourists alike.

What is Tsukemen?


Tsukemen is a Japanese ramen cuisine where you dip the noodles into a bowl of broth. Unlike regular ramen, the noodles of Tsukemen are separated from the broth and the toppings.

Mitsuyado Sei-men around the world.

Mitsuyado Sei-men originated in Japan and has spread all over China, Malaysia, and the Philippines. There are 4 restaurants in Manila and only one in Cebu.

Located in F. Cabahug St, Cebu City, Mitsuyado Sei-men’s interior is very sophisticated and will bring you to the 1980s-1970s vibes.


Featuring Mitsuyado Sei-men as the 5th Episode of Cebu Ramen Series

Mitsuyado Sei-men Menu

The House of Tsukemen

Their variety of menu includes Tsukemen (Yuzu flavor), Tonkotsu Ramen, Torigara Ramen, Maze-Soba, Donburi and Rice, Side orders, and of course desserts and drinks.

Mitsuyado Sei-men Menu

What’s the nice thing about their menu is they show you how to eat Tsukemen! It’s very convenient and informative to people who don’t know about Tsukemen.

Mitsuyado Sei-men Food


Citrus fruit of East Asian origin, its the specialty of Mitsuyado Sei-men ramen. Yuzu’s flavor makes the broth delicate and a combination of sweetness and acidity can be savored.

So we never missed ordering their Best-Seller Yuzu Flavor Tsukemen. Unfortunately one of their best-seller, the Cheese Sauce Tsukemen, is out of stock.

Thus, we ordered and tried their next best-sellers: Marutoku Tsukemen, Karashi Tsukemen, and Ajitaman Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen.

Ramen heaven once again!
Yuzu Tsukemen (PHP 270.00)
Marutoku Tsukemen (PHP 400.00)
Karashi Tsukemen (PHP 300.00)
Ajitama Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen (PHP 290.00)

***Prices as of July 29, 2021


The first time I tasted their noodles, I was delighted. I ordered Marutoku Tsukemen, with Charsiu, Ajitama, vegetables, and seaweed. Its noodles are thicker and chewier. I can also feel the citrus flavor of Yuzu ramen in their broth. Its citrus broth has a very sweet and flavorful taste, I emptied my bowl in a second!

A unique thing about Tsukemen is that you need to dip your noodles in the broth and then savor it, instead of the normal ramen that you can dig directly into the bowl. It can also be served with hot or cold noodles and then add toppings of different ingredients for your preference.


Aside from their Tsukemen specialty, don’t forget to try their other Japanese side dishes like this one:

Chicken Black Pepper Dom

a Japanese dish with tender chicken atop some rice. When you take a bite of the chicken, you can taste its tenderness and juiciness inside and out. With a taste of black pepper and a combination of rice, it really tastes so so good!

Now, let’s see if Mitsuyado Sei-men is good and recommendable!

Disclaimer: This is based on our personal taste and preference. This does not reflect the opinions of others or the restaurants involved of the review.

Here is the review from a Cebuano native (me) and my Japanese native friend, Ken-san.

In every episode, we will review the ramen of every ramen shop we will go to based on the Broth/Soup, Noodles, and Toppings. This is our review on Mitsuyado Sei-men Ramen.

Final verdict:

Total Score:

For me, Mitsuyado Sei-men lives for their name as the House of Tsukemen! With their variety of broth flavors and the consistent texture and taste of noodles, Mitsuyado Sei-men is one of the Ramen Shops that you should never miss!

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Address: Ground Floor, Bonifacio District, F. Cabahug Street, Kasambagan, Cebu City
Phone Number: (032) 344-8548
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm
Credit Card: accepted
Parking: in front of the store
Reservation: with reservation

Social Media Pages:

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