Tongara Ramen Cebu: The Broth of Boiled Pig and Chicken Bones!

“Tonkotsu” means “pig bone” in Japanese. Tonkotsu Ramen is created by boiling pork meat and bones together to create the signature meaty flavor of its soup. 

On the other hand, “Torigara” is Japanese for “chicken bones” — the distinct taste of Torigara ramen then, is yes, the result of boiling these bones.

Ramen Master Makoto Okazaki is the creator of Tongara Ramen, which is a combination of TONkotsu and ToriGARA. The fusion of chicken and pork for its base sets his creation apart from other ramen.

History of Tongara Ramen

Makoto Okazaki is a chef from Japan who dedicated over a decade to culinary art and is also the mastermind behind Tongara Ramen. His techniques are well-known because they are no longer being practiced in Japan. 

Tongara Ramen was first established in Shinjuku in 2013. It is the product of Okazaki’s 3-year diligence to perfecting its broth.

It was brought to Cebu only after chefs had mastered Okazaki’s methods of preparing the broth. Tongara Ramen is also located in Marikina and Tacloban. 

Most of the ingredients are imported from Japan to preserve the authenticity of the meals’ taste.

Photo from Tongara Ramen Tacloban

Branches of Tongara Ramen

Tongara Ramen Marikina

Tongara Ramen in Marikina is located in Lamp Quarters. Lamp Quarters is home to eight different restaurants serving different types of cuisine: Italian, French, Japanese, Filipino and Bulgarian.

The area is known not only for these restaurants, but for its design: it is U-shaped with a courtyard in the middle. In the courtyard, visitors can eat out, have dates, hold mini concerts and there are even painting sessions from time to time.

Tongara Ramen Tacloban

Tongara Ramen Tacloban was so popular in the area, it had to create another room to cater to its patrons. It celebrated its anniversary on October 29, 2021.

Tongara Ramen Cebu

Escario Central Mall

This is the branch CSP Planet has chosen to visit for this article. It is roomy with a relaxed vibe.
Some of the decorations on display
The colors are easy on the eyes.
This is where Ramen Master Makoto Okazaki left his signature!
The restaurant is well-lighted!

Light site Park in Banilad

Light Site Park is located in Banilad.
Tongara Ramen in Light Site Park shares a kitchen with Dong Juan

The branch at Light Site Park opened in July 2021.

Tongara Ramen Menu

Tongara Ramen’s Best Sellers

The photos below are the best sellers of Tongara Ramen: Tantanramen and Shoyu Ramen. And we also tried their signature dishes: Tongara Ramen, Paco Ramen, and Ebi Miso Ramen.

Princes indicated are as of July 2021.
Appetizers include Gyoza, Chicken Karaage and Chasu
Bowls and bowls of Ramen!

Tongara Ramen’s Take-Out Kits

The great thing about these kits is that they allow you to enjoy your ramen at home or at work.

Tongara Ramen Cebu Food Reviews

Staff Review

Khrizza: I love seafood so I chose to eat Tongara Ebi Miso Ramen. And all I can say is perfection! I also tasted the other ramen that we ordered. Not to be biassed but they are equally rich, flavorful, and savory. Your every penny is worth it!

Their broth is very savory. And they are not too stingy with their toppings! Also, I am very particular when it comes to noodles and I do not like them if they are too thick. But here in Tongara Ramen, their noodles are just right for my taste! Not too thin, not too thick.

For me, they have the best ramen out there in Cebu City!

Taste Comparison with a Japanese native


Instagram Review of Tongara Ramen

Photo by @niqueknackz on Instagram
Photo by @niqueknackz on Instagram
By @niqueknackz on instagram

Sometimes, the best decisions are made out of the whim and that’s exactly what happened when Javi and I, out of desperation, decided to enter this tiny ramen shop tucked between a shawarma place and what seemed like a foreclosed office on a Sunday afternoon.

We had just come from church and were hungry after driving around looking for a good place to eat that’s open on a Sunday. I decided to just get a drivethru on the way back home and get things over with, but Javi didnt seem to budge. Still looking for a place, we passed by Escario Central and decided to try our luck there. Getting off the car, we noticed a tiny, empty shop that had pictures of ramen on its glass window. This seemed to have caught Javi’s attention and suggested to eat there.

I wasnt in the mood for ramen and didnt want to spend much that day (we just had a “fancy” pre-bday dinner last night). But hungry and tired, finally decided to take a leap of faith.

Ordered a bowl of their best ramen: tantanmen, plus whatever sides they have left: karaage, spicy chicken, and a bowl of fried rice. Im not sure if it’s the hunger but the moment I took the first bite out of the chicken, it made me realize that we had just made one of the best food-related decisons so far. I’ve never had chicken this tender yet crispy and juicy at the same time. I could feel the flavors burst in my mouth with every bite. It was fireworks and I didnt want it to end. Their tantanmen ramen was also superb. The broth was thick and full of life. We loved the kick of spice in it, makes it a perfect pair with the chicken.

Who knew a tiny, empty ramen shop in this often overlooked commercial arcade could offer a meal this amazing. I still have dreams about the karaage until now and I’m excited to go back! Im just glad we stopped by there and discovered another comfort food place in Cebu.

But I also couldn’t help but wonder, why didnt we just get a drivethru? I asked @havibalce about this and told me that it was a special day, a day leading towards my birthday, so it deserves a special place to eat (🥰).

My only regret was that we didnt take photos of the food that seriously. But will def do when we go back.

Facebook Review of Tongara Ramen

Google Reviews of Tongara Ramen

Tongara Ramen Escario Branch Details

Address: 13, Escario Central, N Escario St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone Number: (032) 254-6374
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 8:00pm (Monday – Thursday) Last Call: 7:50pm
11:00am – 9:00pm (Friday – Sunday) Last Call: 8:50pm

Credit card: Accepted
Parking: In front of the store
Reservation: No reservation

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