BARIKATA RAMEN BAR CEBU – Episode 1 of Cebu Ramen Series

Ramen, a Japanese noodle soup, has become a comfort food not only for Japanese people but also for people around the world.

And Cebuanos, food-lovers as we are, can’t get enough of this sought-out Japanese authentic cuisine. That’s why we are starting the “Cebu Ramen Series”, to find the best tasting ramen in Cebu City Ramen Shops!

In this blog series, both a Japanese Native and a Cebuano Native will try and explore Ramen Shops in Cebu!

Join us and try the different shops you’ll find on Cebu Island!


All about Barikata Ramen Bar

To begin our Cebu Ramen Series adventure, we started with one of the crowd’s favorites located in Cebu IT Park – Barikata Ramen Bar.

Once you come inside Barikata, you can feel the authentic Japanese ‘vibes’ inside the ramen shop. With the wallpapers of an old Japanese street and the gigantic wallpaper of the ‘The Great Wave of Kanagawa’ with words written: Ramen makes you smile and happy, it seemed like I was teleported to Japan for a sec.

Barikata means “very hard”. Barikata is a technical term used to describe the hardness of noodles in ramen (mainly tonkotsu ramen) in the Kyushu region. Barikata is also known as the sister company of Sachi, also a famous Japanese restaurant here in Cebu City.

But as someone who loves anime and manga, this may have been my favorite part of Barikata’s interior design: their manga display!

Fun Fact
When eating ramen in Ramen joints in Japan, there’s an unwritten rule that you need to enjoy the food as soon as possible. Unlike Filipinos where we chit-chat with friends or families while we wait for our food, Japanese ramen shops have a fast turnover and long queues. It is because of the limited space inside and long lines outside of the ramen shops to keep the business moving.

Before I divulge on eating ramen, I took the time to scan a few Shounen Jump mangas. Well, the mangas were from the year 2017 so the chapters are a bit outdated. And a bit too bad because I have already read those chapters before, too. Some mangas that I scanned were: One Piece, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Haikyuu!!!, Dr. Stone, and many more!


We ordered Tantanmen, Shoyu Tonkotsu, Tsukemen, Mazesoba (Halohalo ramen)!

Of course, never gonna miss a photo-op for the gram!

Waaaahhhh~ So excited to taste everything!

Barikata Ramen Menu

Barikata Ramen Food

But before starting the main course, we first tried their appetizer, Spicy Hiya yakko:

Barikata’s Hiya yakko (P150)

Hiya yakko is a Japanese chilled tofu that is served as a side dish or an appetizer. It has a smooth and silky texture that helps your body cool and feel delightful and chill especially during summertime.

Time to dig in!

We tried their three best sellers: Black Shoyu Tonkotsu, Tantanmen Ramen, Tsukemen and Mazesoba Halohalo ramen. I liked the broth of every ramen but I think there’s not enough toppings to be honest. The taste is overall ‘ok’ for me. I liked the gravy-like soup of their Tsukemen, it was thick and full just like it’s noodles.

***Prices as of July 8, 2021

Barikata Review

And personally, I tried their unique Mazesoba Halo-halo Ramen. Mazesoba is a kind of soupless ramen filled with bountiful toppings. And frankly, before ordering, I expected some soup! lol But it was ok, the taste is good but I think the noodles were too thick for my liking and a bit dry.

Overall, Barikata Ramen Bar is your neighborhood go-to Ramen shop in Cebu city. Don’t miss out on their other shop in SM Seaside Cebu, too!

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Address: G/F Calyx Centre, IT park 6000 Cebu City, Philippines AND SM Seaside Cebu City
Phone Number: (032) 412-9796
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 9:00pm, Last call: 8:30pm
Credit Card: not accepted
Parking: IT Park Parking Area near McDonald’s
Reservation: no reservation

Social Media Pages:

Enjoy and taste the scrumptious ramen of Barikata Ramen Bar!!!